Steve and Forest Audio were brought to my attention by accomplished Belfast musician John Pranio. My 50+ year career in the music business as an agent and manager in New York and San Francisco for big time groups and individuals had exposed me to big time studios, but I had never recorded myself. I was awed by Steve’s studio, by his skills as a recording engineer, by his musicianship, and by the man himself. Steve created a nurturing and welcoming environment not just for me — a neophyte in that realm of the music world — but for all of the very seasoned and talented contributing musicians as well. I confidently turned to him for his advice and opinions on every aspect of my venture. His many varied contributions to the project were invaluable. I am ever grateful to have met Steve and to have worked with him at Forest Audio. He is not only an expert at what he does, but he is one of the kindest, most compassionate and dignified individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting. He and Forest Audio are gems, and I will be helping to get the word out!
— Richard Loren — High Notes

We had an exceptional experience with Forest Audio. Our band came in with the tall order of recording a loud rock and roll record with all the bells and whistles. Steve didn't skip a beat. He had great ideas and was very helpful every step of the way. We walked out of that small studio with something we were all very happy with ultimately. With all of his knowledge & expertise, he is still willing to learn. This was what we were most grateful for. He was willing to be a student to the process in order to bring our sometimes unorthodox vision to life. He's a true producer in the sense that he will offer ideas that he feels may help serve the song. Communication was prompt throughout the whole experience. Can't say enough great things, thank you for opening your doors to us & turning our racket into a record!
— Rick McLellan — Tune Squad

Steve Chiasson has been building his knowledge of recording techniques for years. This alone would make him adept at running a studio, but there’s more to the picture — he’s played in a bunch of acoustic and rock bands, sings, writes great songs and plays a mean guitar. He understands both the technical and artistic sides of recording, and it’s such a joy to work in his studio. Did I mention he’s also a real nice guy?
— David Dodson — David Dodson & The Lowdown

When I recorded Steve's first audiobook with him, it was my twentieth or so, but it was like recording with a seasoned engineer so much did he throw himself into the project with not the easiest book to record — a political biography of Sir Walter Ralegh — and just got on with it. He even didn't balk when we had to re-record a whole chapter because I pronounced “St. Augustine” like a Brit instead of a Yank. Always a pleasure to work with, it was like we'd known each other for ages. Ask him about his songwriting! The vocal booth was THE most comfortable booth I have ever recorded in!
— Paul Hodgson — Golden Larynx Productions

We had a great experience recording at Forest Audio. Steve has created a wonderful room there. It has the setup and the space to record many different artist configurations. He is great to work with personally. He immediately puts you at ease so you can shake off all the anxieties that sometimes come with the prospect of recording your heartfelt creations. This frees you to dig in and get it down. I looked forward to every session!
— Vicky Andres — Vicky Andres & Life Itself

Anyone — anyone in the entire Midcoast area who needs an audio studio to create a project — need look no further than Forest Audio. Steve is delightful to work with. It feels like you and he are co-creating your tracks. Beyond being an expert in his field, he is calm and enthusiastic. So be prepared, while having a vision in mind, to also have fun! Thanks, Steve, for helping me to birth three projects now, and for your gifts to us.
— Frederica Chapman —Theater For The Earth

Over the past twenty years I have been involved with Steve on at least a dozen recordings (half of those with middle and high school age students). First of all, he has the knowledge and expertise with the technology. Also, as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist himself, he has that sensitive ear and persistent desire for the best quality recording. On top of that, so importantly, his patience, kindness, and encouragement make the projects fun.
— Chris Prickitt —

Steve helped Cantankerous transform our pile of loosely rehearsed songs into two very professional albums. His years of producing and engineering made it possible for him to turn our somewhat off the wall crazy ideas into reality, actually even encouraging our artistic expression. What I appreciated the most was his efficient use of his and our time in the studio. I have experienced engineers spending hours of my paid-for studio time reading Pro Tools help articles and screwing around with inadequate equipment. This is not the case with Steve. He even mastered both cds in what I consider a remarkably short time. He has a vast vocabulary of engineering skills and continually kept our sessions efficiently moving forward, often making valuable artistic suggestions and diplomatically pointing out things that were not working. Steve also has a mean rooster imitation that he graciously allowed us to include on our cd. I mean really — what more could one ask for? We had a blast!
— Doug and Pam — Cantankerous

Steve recorded, mixed and mastered five bluegrass records that I was a part of. Whether the challenge was a quiet lead vocalist with a loud harmony singer, five guitarists, drum-beats that weren't in the right place, or even silly nerves, he knew how to make us sound like our best selves. A decade later, as a published author looking to get my audiobook tracks cleaned up for production, I knew Steve was the person to go to. He completed my project with stunning results. If that's not multi-talent, I don't know what is! And did I mention he's the nicest guy to work with?
Rachel O’Laughlin

Steve is that perfect combination of laid-back, extremely competent, helpful, friendly — and did I mention affordable? In short, he’s the guy you wish you could find whenever you need help with anything recording-related!
— Bob Siegel —

Forest Audio is a wonderful studio with all "the right stuff.” Great microphones, monitors and recording gear. The studio is situated overlooking Belfast Harbor, with a roomy front area and plenty of space to stretch out and set up a whole band. Steve is a really great guy to work with — very professional and willing to listen to new ideas.
— Sonny True —

I love working with Steve for many reasons, one of which is he knows how to fly the plane. Creative ideas can evolve comfortably. He's got the tools and knows how to use them, which keeps the process going smoothly.
— Dav Johnson —

After years of saying we would like to have a good recording of the music we play together, we asked Steve to bring his equipment and stay for a couple of days. In just a day and a half, we had enough music for a cd! The recordings were done live, with a natural sound, which was very comfortable for us. Steve worked his magic and helped make every song sound good. It was an experience we will never forget… and hope to repeat!!
— Thom, Jane & Phyl — Dragonphly —

Recording is exciting but can also be a little overwhelming for a perfectionist type like myself. Steve's calming and encouraging presence always helped me stay focused and positive about the process. He once said to me, ”A recording is like a snapshot.” That perspective has stuck with me for gigs as well as for recordings.
— Clarissa Maynard — Zevulon

As a singer/songwriter working with Forest Audio, I quickly recognized Steve’s skill and passion for the technical aspects of recording. His calm approach and patience put me at ease to experiment and to tailor my songs. Most important to me is the keen musical sensibility that Steve’s years of experience have given him, his creative talent, and his genuine love of music.
— Richard Murray —

I am new to studio recording, and Steve made me feel very comfortable. He gave me useful information at my level of expertise without burying me in jargon. The process was very collaborative and I had creative control of the things that mattered to me. Steve facilitated all the technical elements while keeping me engaged and supported.
Carol Graff

Forest Audio was a great experience for me! The space was comfortable and Steve was professional yet easy going and fun to work with. I enjoyed my time and came away with excellent recordings. Thank you, Steve!
— Kate Chapin — The OUIJIS

Recording at Forest Audio is friendly, efficient, and satisfying. Steve is an excellent sound engineer, and his perceptive comments about the music are a welcome bonus.
Bill Berlinghoff